Naked Liv Tyler gives hot foot job on cam

November 16th, 2016 by J

If Liv Tyler managed to have a kinky leaked sex tape when she was a teen slut, you could expect something like this now that she’s a wild and feisty adult. She may not be banging her head while singing on stage and wearing all sorts of nasty costumes while performing on stage but she’s one hell of a nasty woman behind closed doors. She’s nasty in her own naughty ways and you can see it in this clip where she’s naked on a chair and giving some lucky bastard a hot foot job. She may be doing her dirty deeds in private but this doesn’t mean she’s safe from prying eyes and all her secrets will eventually get spilled on the web.

Horny Liv Tyler giving hot foot job while naked

Liv Tyler ain’t new to this and she has learned at a young age so she knows the consequences of having her sex tapes leaked. Fortunately, everything went as planned and people who have watched her get plowed years ago and seen her give this foot job while naked only wanted to see her do more. While some aren’t too lucky with their revelations, you can expect to see Liv Tyler’s skanky clips getting more hits and likes and even follows rather than get bashed. If you enjoyed watching her lovely feet giving pleasure, what more her mouth and hands plus getting that ass drilled? Keep your eyes peeled for more of Tyler’s sexcapades.

Kinky Liv Tyler pussy-playing on a chair

June 28th, 2016 by J

Hot masturbation solo

Liv Tyler looks perfect in a sexy lingerie but she’s hotter without it, no doubt. Spreading her legs wide while playing with that wet cunt is probably the best thing you’ll watch today so better focus on this one. Just like you, she masturbates on a chair until she cums hard and spills her juice all over.

Liv Tyler flashing her tits in public

May 5th, 2010 by livy

We’re not sure how stoned or drunk Liv Tyler was last night when we approached her for an autograph but let me just show you these pics and let you be the judge. Usually, Liv Tyler is a prim and proper woman with the sex appeal that is too intense for words but last night, she showed us her other side that we haven’t seen before—the kinky wild side.

We were just asking for a simple autograph but we got more than we asked for because not only did Liv Tyler signed her picture, she asked us if we wanted to see something out of the ordinary. As avid Liv Tyler fans, we happily just went along thinking she was just being down to earth but then to our shock and absolute delight, Liv Tyler flashed her tits to us and man…we all froze in our tracks. If you were there last night, what do you think you would’ve done seeing Liv Tyler topless in front of you? You’re reaction would probably be the same when you see the rest of Liv Tyler’s naked pics over HERE.

Double dildo fucking with Cate Blanchett

October 20th, 2009 by livy

It’s uncommon to see celebrities really hanging out together, as good friends rather than mere colleagues in the acting industry. But sometimes, when sexual tension becomes a mutual feeling, hasty acquaintances can be arranged to avoid the awkward feeling of having sex with a relative stranger. Still, it’s easier to make sexual invitations when you’re fairly acquainted by being co-stars with the actor, like what Liv Tyler has done.

In this naughty photo of Liv Tyler, she is seen sharing a double dildo with Lord of the Rings co-star Cate Blanchett, who, if you failed to realize, played the augural elf queen Galadriel. They’re obviously having fun fucking the same dildo, proving how flexible our Liv Tyler can be, from film roles to sexual preferences. They both look sexy together, and one can only imagine the elvish nonsense they’ll soon be uttering as the dildo sinks deeper and deeper into their pussies, until they’re practically grinding on each other in lustful abandon, the toy lost inside their loose pussies.

By now you’ve seen enough of Liv Tyler, who turns out to be just as devilishly horny as the next slutty woman beside her. To prove that she is one horny elf, why don’t you head on to Liv Tyler Nude and check the rest of her steaming photos there?

Lovely Liv Tyler falls for a facial

October 20th, 2009 by livy

The elves in Middle Earth lore were highly superior beings, akin to the fleeting, mysterious angels of Judeo-Christian myth. If I stretch the fantasizing a little longer, I’ll say Liv Tyler is an elf dressed up as a human, or an angel with clipped wings, or both. Just the sight of her serene face makes me want to pull out my schlong and cover her in gobs of holy-white cum.

Which is what this stud got to do, and what a lucky motherfucker he is. Liv Tyler looks pleased with her work in making the guy cum, and looks even more elated that she got enough jizz to have it dribble out of her satisfied lips. Any guy whose cock gets wrapped with those sweet, luscious lips of hers is sure to blow his load faster than anything else. I’m sure Liv Tyler gives fantastic blowjobs, with that wide mouth of hers deep throating any cock shoved under her nose. She didn’t even bother undressing completely in this picture and just went on servicing the guy. And she still looks stunningly gorgeous here, a little soiled angel going down on a human’s throbbing cock when God’s back is turned. That’s just the type of fantasy every guy wants to come to a reality, and praise the heavens Liv Tyler has done the deed for us.

If you want to see more of Liv Tyler getting naughty and disobedient, there’s more of this stuff on  Liv Tyler Nude. An angel like Liv Tyler, cooped up so long under the Almighty’s unnering eye, proves she’ll fall from grace anytime for a nice piece of cock, in or around her mouth.

Liv Tyler in kinky roleplaying fantasies

October 13th, 2009 by livy

And we’re back, with more Liv Tyler fantasies served regularly to our ravenous purveyors of celebrity filth. I was dropping angel metaphors by the dozen in my previous post, which is only natural, considering we’re dealing with a Hollywood hottie whose face calls to mind the sound of a thousand angels in chorus, her gaze a radiating halo of—okay, I’ll stop now. But let me show you guys this cleverly Photoshopped picture of Miss Tyler, all dressed up in, uh, angelic battle garb and looking ready to unleash the Wrath of God with her blade. And thanks to this well-rendered photo, our fantasies of Liv Tyler are urged further. Aside from being a true, natural beauty, Liv Tyler is versatile enough of an actress to be into some kinky roleplaying. I’ll play the sinful human, strapped helplessly in  bed with nothing but my rock hard dick for defense. Liv Tyler then strides forward, playing the righteously vengeful valkyrie of dissatisfied one-nighters, her ruby-encrusted lingerie-slash-armor ready to disengage itself from her body, vibrating with the shudder of sexual heat.

But with a stunning body like that, I’d probably just drop the pretense, tear my wrists free from incarceration, and fuck her waiting pussy. Then I’ll let her gallop on top of me, her hands lifted in ecstasy over her crowned head, and grind on my cock faster and faster until she feels the pulse of my cum exploding inside her. We’ll lay in bed for a few minutes, breathless and sweaty, and pick up the pace for a slow and passionate bonus round.

If ever you catch sight of the guy with the faraway gaze and the drool accumulating on his chin, that’d be me fantasizing about Liv Tyler. I guarantee you’ll be struck senseless as well, because there’s so much more nude photos of Liv Tyler for your own private fantasies. Everything’s on Liv Tyler Nude; a simple click of the mouse and you’re off in your personal, happy place with Liv Tyler.